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Pattern Design Workshop- 3 designs in 3 weeks

Hello Everyone-

My name is Ali Foster and I feel like I should say I have no idea what I am doing :) I am a forever student and I really love learning things. I am a mom to 4 {young} kiddos and so my life is very full but I try to make time for myself and to learn things that I am intersted in. I am a photographer and I have loved learning illustrator and designing in it- I've made branding for others and websites and pretty much just had fun. I first saw Bonnie on creative live and I felt like the lightbulb came on and I was like that is what I've wanted to do! But I am no artist and really have the hardest time sketching even the simplist desings so it has been very intimidating to me to even start :) so when I saw the opportunity to make myself do it and have it be more in a class formalt I jumped on board!  So here goes :) 



THE STORY-  Delicate spring was inspired by the sweet anticipation of spring, the hope, renewal, and fresh start of new beginnings. Throwing off the weight of winter and embracing the sweet smells of spring, the delicate buds and beautiful intricacies of the first blossoms, flowers,and leaves and the beautiful first colors of spring. 





THE STORY- Take me to the Mountains was inspired by that desire to escape, to drive to the peaceful quiet beauty of the mountains, smelling the sweet clean air, the beauty of a campfire, the open spaces of wildflower fields and the peaceful rejuvination of the mountains. 


I've haven't had time to sit down and sketch but I did create some icons for camping not very long ago




THE STORY-  Dessert Blossoms was inspired by the beautiful contrasting wonder of the dry utah desert that in the perfect time in the spring is filled with beautiful delicate blossoms. The beautiful enviroment of red rocks and dry dirt and spiny unfriendly plants complimented by vibrant soft delicate blossoms.

Sketches- haven't done any yet :) 


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