Amanda G.

Watercolor Illustration + Surface Design



Pattern Design Workshop: 3 Focal Prints

Hello! I'm Amanda and I live on the San Francisco peninsula. I am married with two kids (1 and 3), I work full-time in a corporate job but when the kids are asleep I design logos, stationery, and other branded pieces for small business owners.

I've watched Bonnie's Skillshare class a couple times through and  am finally making the time to complete a project...I'm really excited about it!

I use Illustrator regularly in my design work but Bonnie's shortcuts are such lifesavers and I'm learning so much through her relaxed but detailed teaching style. It's also fun to work on something completely new...turning sketches into pretty patterns is not something I ever considered. Especially because I do not feel I have drawing skills whatsoever. But I'm really enjoying the process and am excited to see what comes of them!



I love the idea of bubble baths, even though I never take them. I imagine peace and quiet, mountains of bubbles, and soft floral scents. I started sketching for this project using my imagination before searching for inspiration. I was tired after a long day at work last week and wanted to draw something that felt feminine and relaxing so I settled on the idea of a bubble bath. I later found images on Pinterest that fit well with what I had been dreaming up in my mind so I hope what I’ve sketched will end up translating when I start laying out my pattern.




This pattern was difficult for me. I found that I enjoyed that process of creating my Neighborhood Plants pattern (below) more than this pattern because of the freedom I felt with the natural elements versus trying to draw these bath items which are more structured. It was a fun challenge and I'm overall happy with the final motifs, but would definitely appreciate any tips or feedback you have on the individual elements or the pattern layout. Thank you!



My family and I live in a suburban downtown area with lots of activity and buildings, but also lots of beautiful plants and nature. We enjoy taking walks in our neighborhood and I’ve been snapping photos of plants and flowers as we do (with Bonnie’s encouragement in mind about using your own photos for inspiration). It’s been interesting looking at plants differently and studying the shapes and curves and colors. What a variety God has created!

I chose to sketch leaves and am looking forward to playing around with them and seeing what happens.




I ended up adding a few more motifs before putting my pattern together...and here it is. The process of laying out the pattern was much more complex than I thought it would be, but was so fun. I feel like I might have ended up with too many elements...would love feedback on that. Figuring out scale was difficult for me so I'd appreciate any thoughts on that as well...thank you!




One of my favorite types of parties is a garden party on a warm, still evening. I hosted my first when I was in high school and have had many since. A few friends, fresh flowers, simple food, pretty linens and lanterns are all that is needed. I started this project without gathering image inspiration first so I will do that soon, and may end up adding to my sketches...



I wanted to try something a little different with this final pattern so I added opaque backgrounds. I think I like the look of it better as motifs than as a pattern, but it was fun to do. Thanks so much for offering this workshop, Bonnie! I am excited to continue practicing and am looking forward to working on coordinating patterns. :)




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