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Pattern Design Session 2

Updated 4/12/16: In progress/Sketches:

Instead of sketching with pencil, I decided to do some printmaking and gouache paintings. I will likely incorporate a mix of the two in the final pattern, though I'm not sure if it might turn into two different patterns (at this point) since the styles are a bit different.  I am also working on developing more woodland friends for my lumberjack character. The results of some serious procrasti-crafting (procraftinating?) can be seen with the results of my embroidered Scandinavian-inspired softies.



With spring weather around the corner, I've been itching to get out on the trails. What better time to be researching a slew of woodland imagery? From studying deer and pines trees, to hunks with flowers in their beards, it has been a very fun diversion!

But no matter how many cute animals I come across, it's the vintage camping gear, and backpackers that keep drawing me in.  There's an authenticity that seems raw and lovely despite the ubiquity of plaid and beards I encounger around town. (Please Note, I'm not hating! I love plaid and beards too!) 

I wonder if  I could translate all this imagery onto clothing or stationery marketed toward those like-souls whose hearts belong to the woods (but reside in cities). Or urban lumberjacks/janes :) Or maybe even onto camping gear? Is that a thing that people do (outdoor gear)? I think I will start another moodboard of that next!

Here's a start to my research, in moodboard form:



From Pattern Design Session 1:


This pattern was inspired while researching the visual culture of the 1920's and the Art Deco movement.  Filled with geometric patterns, and the juxtaposition of industrial materials like aluminum with gold and sequins; it is a perfect blend of glamourous and gritty. I picked a palette of peacock, greens and grays that seem reminiscent of the makeup and outfits of flappers. I imagine this printed on summer wear or the lining the walls of a speakeasy. In a modern context, I could see this pattern as a wall paper or for stationary.



While I did loads of sketching (motifs, accessories etc), these are a few of my favorites. I think that they show a clear picture of the context, and a bit of my work process.





And viola!


This one was a bit spacious and monochromatic, so I tried a color that had more contrast.


Lastly, I wondered what it might look like on plates. 


 Thanks for taking a moment to look at my work. I would appreciate any feedback on the patterns (color choice? spacing?) as designing patterns is a new endeavor for me.


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