Patrick Behnke

Composer, Fiddler, Outdoor Enthusiast



Patrick's Typical Fan

My name is Patrick Behnke.  I am a composer working in the newer Indie Classical genre, which essentially means that in addition to composing contemporary classical music for small and large ensembles, I also do collaborations with jazz artists, Indian musicians, hip-hop artists, and independent rockers.

A recent music school graduate, I also perform viola and violin in orchestras around the Detroit area as well as premiering new works with my string quartet.  

Currently, my music spreads by word of  mouth among music professionals and peers.  The exception being the premiere of a chamber orchestra work of mine with the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber Orchestra, which was regionally publicized.  

I am looking to expand the reach of my compositions, and the creative breadth and scope of the projects I work on.

 Patrick's Typical Fan:

Is 23-25 years of age.  Makes their own music EVERY DAY.  [has probably recorded with Patrick]

                       Walks, bikes, or takes public transit to work/study but  does own or  borrow a car

Has left the country to become exposed to other musical styles.

                       Makes their own visual art, but with less frequency than they write poetry

Lives in Ann Arbor (90%) or Detroit (5%).  Elsewhere another 5%.

                                IS EXTREMELY ENERGETIC and focused.

                           Has been backpacking at some point in their lives.

                  [almost all fans describe their relation to music as a spiritual experience]


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