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Patrick O'Hearn - Musician | Composer

My name is Carl Olson - I am a digital media creative and podcaster.

I've worked with friend and musician Patrick O'Hearn for many years (he's a former bass player for Frank Zappa and Missing Persons). I am working on a new online presence for Patrick. I created his first website way back in 1994 using oh so very crude HTML.

Many years later I passed the web development torch on to other developers. Patrick's web presense evolved and devolved over the next several years. For many years his website has  been dormant. With renewed interest in bringing his website back to life, I chose Squarespace as the platform of choice for Patrick's revitalized online presense.

Patrick is a tremendous musicial artist who deserves to have his work showcased in a visually beautiful website. It's my hope to create a website that Patrick's fans will enjoy using and getting to know the works of this remarkable composer and musician. Squarespace feels right for this project. I'm looking forward to mastering Squarespace, and launching the new in the very near future.

I'm also moving my own website and podcast to Squarespace. It's been on WordPress for many years and I've never been fully happy with the results and fiddlyness of it. After experiening outages on a nearly weekly basis, I no longer want the hassle of maintaining WordPress nor the dedicated server it devours relentlessly.

However, for this course, my focus is on creating the new

Carl Olson
The Digital Convergence Podcast

UPDATE: July 21, 2015 - The first iteration of the website is now live on it's own domain at  At the moment we're having difficulty setting up the free Google Apps account but hope to get that sorted. Squarespace tech support is working on it. Once that's working, I'll be able to set up a contact us form on the website.


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