Patrice Horvath Design - Graphic and Surface Pattern Design

Patrice Horvath Design - Graphic and Surface Pattern Design - student project

Hello my name is Patrice and I am a designer and artist from New Jersey! I started freelancing two months ago and it's been good so far. I have secured a few gigs through my connections — logos and websites for friends, wedding invites, teaching at art school, and on site graphic design freelance work from a staffing agency that found my website. Not bad! I also went freelance to pursue my dream of being a surface pattern designer and illustrator. So I plan to work on my portfolio and reach out to companies I'd like to collaborate with. 

You can view my website here and you can follow me on Instagram here to see daily art ~ and this way I can check out your business as well!


Step 1 // Finding new business

This week I will announce my availability on LinkedIn. Also see if I can connect with any art directors more in my target market of surface pattern design.

Patrice Horvath

designer & artist