Patience is a virtue

Patience is a virtue - student project


Patience is a virtue - image 1 - student project

Patience is a virtue - image 2 - student project

Draft 3

I just scanned it in the computer and moved the word virtue to the left. I think the word "virtue"  is more consistent in stroke width. But could work on the flourishes. Other then that i think i will try the 'rope' effect.  

Patience is a virtue - image 3 - student project

Draft 2

So the 2nd draft isn't perfect (wasn't expecting it to be) but made the "p" capital, which helps emphasise the word, need to work on the spacing and the consistency. Also tried out some texture of lines but they should probably go in one direction.

Patience is a virtue - image 4 - student project 

Draft 1

Patience is a virtue - image 5 - student project

A bit impatient? Just try lettering. I guess I will be needing lots of patience sketching and refining and refining again. (Probably doesn't hurt to have a bit of patience in general, like waiting in long lines/queues, waiting for people, waiting for a delayed plane, waiting for the weekend ...)

Patience is a virtue. 

Initial sketches 
These are a few rough sketches, the second one is how I pictured the layout, but not 100% happy with the "is a" (and yes the second one is drawn on a scrap piece of paper with someones lecture slides printed on the back of it :P)

Patience is a virtue - image 6 - student projectPatience is a virtue - image 7 - student project