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Patience is a virtue

Day-to-day my natural handwriting is about as big as font size 8. I'm a teensy writer. I was curious how this would impact my ability to write in calligraphy (I also haven't written in cursive since the 3rd grade).

However, I am quite pleased with my outcomes. 

I spent the first few days just practicing letters. Over and over. Around the third day I decided to give words a try. I loved how quickly words started coming together!

One of the hardest things for me (and still) is the spacing between words and between lines. I never feel like my quotes/lyrics/statements look quite as polished as other people's. If anyone has thoughts for how to work on that specifically, I would love to hear them!

(the above is a particular spacing disaster while trying to get crafty with varying sizes and adding a few frills)

I've also been working on varying my style a little bit - spreading out letters and generally giving things a different look. 

Close up of thinner letters.

^^ My go-to statement when warming up and practicing. 

Starting to work with the oblique pen holder, as well. I love it! I don't feel like it's significantly impacting the style of my letters, but I do generally like the sensation of using it, more than the straight pen.


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