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Patience & Persistence

Felt compelled last night to go out to my local downtown area in Riverside, Ca.

With only the few amount of skyscrapers scattered around the 3-4 mile downtown area and the two blocks of bars lined up with thirsty cats tryna chase tail or cop a quick buzz, I was fortunate enough to cop a few captures of the life of my city with patience and persistence being learned along the way.

The contrast of lighting reflecting off of the subject intrigued me with this one. The warmness of the foreground and the highlights of the frame made this capture what it is.

The subject was literally standing there for about 5 minutes; paused, and on his phone, probably peeping his Instagram feed stacked up after not being viewed while at work.

The composition of the subject being the sharpest in the middle of the architectural background enabling this photo to be composed, placed this at the top of my favorite captures last night.

This was shot with a 35mm film Nikon N2020, which was the first camera purchased by my Dad. I've always been the type of person to make use of my resources, in which I'm continuing to strive and learn to see the potential in the things that I can get my hands on without my wallet suffering.

With film slowly becoming a lost art due to the advancement of technology, the feeling of opening an envelope of 5x7's following development is like opening a gift on Christmas day.


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