Path to Zero Waste Living!!

After I signed up for my community's composting program, my trash and recycling were not very full. I have a free roam pet bunny so I checked to make sure all of his litter and hay products are compostable in the commercial facility. This emptied my trash bin significantly! I also started buying milk from the dairy in glass containers that you can bring back to the grocery store and receive your deposit money back! I love shopping at my community farmers market-most of the vendors there are happy to take back the egg and berry cartons to reuse which eliminates them from my trash. I will share my trash/recycle audit and would love to hear if anyone has ideas to eliminate my existing items.



non recycleable yogurt lid

packaging from craft supplies

heavy cream carton



milk jar lids (you can take back the jars but the lids are recyclable) 

plastic basil container (usually I grow my own, but growing basil in Ohio in the winter is tough)

yogurt container