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Ray Mawst

Lettering & Design



Patches the Pie-Rat


First off, thanks for taking a look at my project. Any feedback would be graciously appreciated!

I have wanted to illustrate this idea for a while but for whatever reason it has fallen to the back of my mind until I stumbled upon this skillshare class.

The idea is a Pirate rat who sails around on a slice of pizza pie, thus Pie-rat. I can image a childrens book could be created on this idea, but for now I am happy starting with athis illustration!

Below are my pencil sketches: 

Here are my initial blocks of color:

And here are my colors more refinded with a bit of shading. I still am in progress with shading, highlights and textures, but I thought I would at least share my progress. 

Thanks for taking a look, and like I said in the beginning . . . Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 




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