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Patch Design and Practice

Part 1 - Reference Patches

I am a sucker for colour.  Lots of colour.  And these patches do not disappoint!  If there is one thing I like, it is something interesting to look at - a party for my eyeballs if you will.




Though the peacock patches aren't as colourful, but they have such a regal quality to them that I couldn't resist.  And they have a stylized design that's surprisingly simple.

Part 2 - AppleMetal Patch


There are two reasons I chose this patch as my favorite.  The first is that the design of the lettering, coupled with the texture of the patch makes the letters looke like ribbons.  The second is the intricate detail of the rose (Which simultaneously shows the good quality of AppleMetal's work) complementing the lighter detail of the lettering.  Its really well designed in my opinion.

Part 3 - Preliminary Sketchwork

After some debate, I decided to use assets from a different project.  I drew two separate designs using characters of my own design.  I tried to simplify them a little while still keeping important details to each one.  I also tried to stylize them.



Oh dear, I forgot to finish colour labeling the first one and entirely forgot on the second one. 

I chose not to draw eyes on them.  I wanted them to have a more silhouette-like appearance.  I felt I had to add the mouth to the second design, it seemed to empty without it (And it came out well on the first try, naturally).

Personally, I prefer the first sketch more.  I feel she had a more mysterious quality to her.  I do, however, like the expression on the second one.

Part 4 - Final Patch Design

Welp.  I have a busy week ahead of me, so I went ahead and did my pen work and colour.  I'm sure you can tell from the many copies I made of both designs, that I had a lot of trouble picking colours.  The top left design will be one, the design to the right will be two and so on down the list (Goodness, looking at them now, I should have numbered them).


I tried to keep the colour more or less simple, four to six colours as most.  Amd I still prefer the first design (Also, the skin colour is supposed to be darker on the first design than the second).  I tried to turn both into a silhouette, but I feel that the first was far more successfully converted.  Actually, the first one looked good with the white lines too.  The second didn't like either adaptation.

Of the first design, my favorite is the nineth and tenth patch designs (The middle row, two left designs).  I silhouetted the skin and put them against a different coloured background.  I did a few others the same way, but those background colours look the best in my opinion.  The pink gives her a very feminine appeal while the lighter gold makes her pop a little more.  I'm not sure, however, if I should change the colour of her tunic as it is supposed to be black.

Of the second design, my favorite is the fifteenth design (Second row from the bottom, second from the right).  The pink makes her pop much more than inverting the colour of her tunic (Which is supposed to be white).  When I originally designed the character, she had a pink tunic, purple cape and indigo skirt...I wanted her to be colourful.  Now that I'm older, I understand the need to controls ones-self around colour.  And I also understand what the term "clashing" means now - something I didn't understand back in high school.  Hahaha!  I love colour.  I'm so sad that the masses are so afraid of colour.


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