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Patagonia P's


Positioning: This more applies to the advertising campaigns. The product is displayed with a practical use with a model wearing the product. You have people doing outdoors activity, thus the jacket will immediately appeal to that niche of consumers.

Placement: As seen in the .PDF, the store has the rugged, yet familiar feeling while you are shopping. You feel that you are buying a genuine and well-made product.

Purple: Patagonia may promote their own product through marketing and advertising, but much of their recognition comes from the classic “word-of-mouth” process. The consumer has been able to meld the Patagonia brand into something that anyone will purchase.

Placebo: The jacket looks good, protects you from the weather, and doesn’t tear or deteriorate. You cannot argue against something that works, or at least seems to work.

Personalization: Despite most of the apparel being similar, they all server unique purposes to each consumer. Some may rock climb, some may hike, and some may be a college student in a cold college town. All of these people feel that the product has been personalized for their own needs.



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