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Patagonia P's

Positioning: Patagonia positions itself in a specific niche for outdoor goods. Not only does it market seemingly superior outdoor apparal to its customers, it recognizes and tries to combat the environmental effects of production. This furthers its popularity within its niche because their target customers are generally environmentally concious and have an interest in sustainability. 

Pricing: Patagonia does not claim to be a discount brand, and its pricing is therefore marginally important in comparison to its other aspects. Patagonia customers pay for quality and a brand that they trust. The price of an item is based on its value, and patagonia customers place a large value on the fact that their products are both well made and made and a sustainable manner. 

Placement: In stores, patagonia products are placed in close proximity to other outdoor wear, such as northface and other brands. Part of Patagonia's placement is that it is not sold in bargain stores, thus furthering the idea that the price is not important when dealing with a product of very high value. Ad placement is also important, as I have seen Patagonia ads in ski shops and outdoor stores. This appeals to their niche and shows people why they are different than other outdoor brands.

Promotion: Patagonia promotes itself through its environmental practices and sustainability. The ad instructing consumers "do not buy this jacket" is extremely powerful because it shows Patagonia's dedication to sustainable practices, even if it means selling less individual goods. 

Permission: Patagonia speaks to its niche audience through their genuine interest in the ways that the brand is supporting the environment and contributing to sustainable production practices.

Purple: Seth claims that a brand must have an aspect that is new and original in order to be successful in the world of marketing. Patagonia does this through their dedication to recycling their products, especially through the lifetime guarentee. This sets them apart from almost all other outdoor brands.

Publicity: Patagonia does not have any commercials or many public advertisements, however their website provides all information necessary in order for a potential customer to support the brand. Much of their publicity comes from positive word of mouth and repeat customers.

PR: Patagonia focuses on transparent stories in order to promote their brand. They are honest about the damage production does to the environment, but they also combat this damage through partnerships with environmentally friendly production sites. 

Placebo: Patagonia creates the expectation that its customers will be customers for life through the lifetime guarentee, therefore these customers will likely continue to purchase Patagonia in the future or at least send their goods back to the company for repair if they need to.

Pavlov: Patagonia is an extremely recognizable brand, from its logo to its slogan "Do not buy this jacket". When one sees either of these things, they immediately think of Patagonia and its dedication to environmental sustainability, as well as its lifetime guarentee. 

Persistence: Patagonia consistently reminds its customers of its goals and environmental initiatives, especailly through the lifetime guarentee. By reminding customers not to purchase products that they don't need, they are reminding them that Patagonia wastes as few materials as possible.

Place: Patagonia does not have very many freestanding stores, however in their newest store in NYC, the atmosphere is very minimalistic and shows customers that Patagonia will not waste materials and energy that does not need to be used.

Personalization: Patagonia uses slogans such as "join us" and "together we can" to make its customers feel as though they are playing a large role in Patagonia's mission to support the environment. It calls upon its customers to support their efforts by recycling old jackets and not purchasing things that they do not need.

People like us: People like Patagonia both for its mission and its high quality products. The brand implements this point very well with its dedication to customer satisfaction. If a jacket breaks, the company will repair it. Very few companies are willing to stand behind their products in such a wholehearted manner. 


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