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Patagonia P's Project - Maxx Forti

Seth Godin's 14 P's - Patagonia 

1. Positioning - Patagonia found their niche in the outdoor clothing world that was filled with companies that just want to make money and sell as many products as they can. While Patagonia decided to put quality before quantity and began to emerge as an outdoor clothing company powerhouse. 

2. Pricing - Patagonia product is all made well, and made to last with the best quality of materials, not synthetic junk that most companies use. The price is based on how reliable and long lasting Patagonias products last. 

3. Placement - Patagonia invested in placing their products right next to their competitiors products to prove that they are the best. They wanted people to know their name so they put it out there with well known companies. 

4. Promotion - Patagonia used the help of Seth Godin to help get a better idea as to how to promote their company. As well as letting serious outdoorsmen use their products and talk about them and give feedback. They put trust into their products and know that its users will be satisfied. 

5. Permission - Patagonia directly associates themselves with both the serious outdoorsmen and the everyday person so that they can learn more from them and get a better understanding of how they effect people and how they can be better.

6. Purple - Patagonia knows that their brand has the best quality, but what they also bring is the uniquness and variety of products that they sell. Patagonia is known for throwing crazy, odd designs onto their products and the best part is they sell like hot cakes. People love the strange colors and desgins that patagonia brings to the table. 

7. Publicity -  Patagonia shares their products with people and lets them talk about it online through videos showing them using some of the gear, and showing how it compares to others. 

8. PR - Patagonia has their own personal product testers that they intrust with the job of using the gear and then coming back to them and talking about it in videos or blog posts for PR. 

9. Placebo - Patagonia does everything in their power to let their customers know how good their products are so that when they are using them they are even more impressed by how good the product is. 

10. Pavlov - Patagonia tells their customers exactly what they are going to get out of their products as well as exactly what goes into making their products. People know that everything is made with only the best materials and at the highest quality so know they know they are getting a good product. 

11. Persicetence - Patagonia has spent a lot of time and effort on their brand, and making it well known. They are constantly letting people know about new products, sale products, and more. But they do it in a consistent manor that keeps it from being annoying to their customers.

12. Place - Patagonia holds a high position in the outdoor clothing industry, anyone who wishes to associate with them knows that they will be seen all over the world because of Patagonias success and reach. To be seen along side this company is a very successful acheievment. 

13. Personalization - Patagonia has spent a lot of time working on making products that their customers like after the built their realtionship with them. More and more products are being produced and redesigned accroiding to feedback from their customers. 

14. People Like Us - Patagonia has the ability to reach out to all levels of outdoorsy people, and even to people who just want a winter jacket that is of good quality. Anyone can wear their brand and they let people know that. Just because people see them as a very high priced outdoor clothing compnay does not mean thats all they are. 


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