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Patagonia Project


Patagonia markets to people that are frequently outdoors and would need various kinds of outdoor clothing. Therefore, they cater their products based on their target audience. They know that they are selling their product against other similar products such as Columbia and so therefore they need to keep up with current trends in outdoor clothing.


Patagonia emphasizes that they sell a product that is of good quality and last a long time. Their campaign that displays old Patagonia gear shows that their clothing can hold up through a lot. Therefore people are willing to pay more for a Patagonia product because they know they will not have to buy a new jacket or whatever piece of clothing they got for many years.


In order to compete with other outdoor clothing stores, Patagonia places their products next to other products from outdoor stores so consumers can compare the products and select Patagonia for their higher quality.


The fact that Patagonia supports for many environmental efforts really fits with them being an outdoor clothing company. They are supporting a cause that is relevant to their product and people that support those causes are more likely to support Patagonia because they know that their money is doing good.


Patagonia mainly talks to about environmental issues and the importances of recycling to people that are buying their products. The people that are buying their products are typically outdoorsy and therefore will most likely support these causes too.

Patagonia emphasizes the importance of adventure and triggers consumer’s desire to adventure. I follow Patagonia on Instagram and their pictures show the love of adventure and how fun and beautiful it is to explore nature. This gives people something to talk about. Also their campaign that told people to not buy their clothing was different than all other clothing stores and set them apart.


Patagonia got great publicity when they came up with their campaign that told people to not buy their clothes. This showed Patagnia’s commitment to their environmental efforts and made consumers want to support a company with such strong values.

Public Relations

Patagonia embraces their love for the outdoors by supporting causes that help conserve the environment. This leads to a story with their products because every product that someone buys helps fund environmental efforts.


If people tell themselves that their Patagonia clothing will last longer, people will keep their clothing longer before they throw it away. This will improve the reputation of Patagonia because people will talk about how durable their Patagonia clothing is.


Patagonia customers don’t only know they are getting a durable jacket, they also know that their money is going to a company that is working to help fight for the environment.


Where there are outdoor things, there is Patagonia. People wear Patagonia religiously if they own it and so more and more people trust the brand because they see a lot of people with the product.


Walking into a Patagonia store reminds you of the outdoors. It has wood everywhere and all the decorations relate to the outdoors. This emphasizes their connection to the environment and that their clothing is built for the outdoors.


Patagonia is all about keeping loyal customers. Their campaign for people to recycle their jackets to Patagonia when they are worn out brings customers back to them even after their jackets have worn out.

 People like us

Patagonia has established a reputation for who wears their products. People that spend a lot of time in the outdoors see other people that do the same wearing Patagonia products and buy the product.




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