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Patagonia Project

1. Positioning

Positioning is all about finding a niche and filling it. Patagonia does a good job of being an outdoors clothing and gear retailor while also being sustaitable and envirnmentally friendly.

2. Pricing

Price is based on percived value, not cost. Patagonia does a good job of prising their products based on their quality.

3. Placement

Placement is all baout being placed near the right people. Patagonia has invested in being tied to other sustainable companies that share similar values.

4. Promotion

Promotion is about creating an emotion that you want your customers to spread. Patagonia creates a positive image of quality clothes and gear that people want to share.

5. Permission

Permission is about talking to people who want to be talked to. Patagonia does this by inviting people to sign up for their email list from their website.

6. Purple

Purple is about creating a unique story at makes your brand stand out. Patagonia does this by differentiating themselves fromother similar companies through their envirnmental efforts.

7. Publicity

Publicity is about advertising and selling. The main publicity that Patagonia uses is the images on their website that illustrate the values of their brand.

8. Public Relations

PR is different from publicity. It is about telling a story. Patagonia does just that by sharing that they partner with envirnmentaly frendly mills and factories.

9. Placebo

The placebo affect is if you think something will work, it has a better chance of working. Patagonia uses this principle in their lifetime guarantee. If you think that a Patagonia item will last forever, it will last forever.

10. Pavlov

Pavlov's theory is about training people to expect something. Patagonia uses this theory by telling people if they use their clothes or gear, they should expect some great adventure.

11. Persistance

Frequency plus consistancy builds trust. Patagonia reminds their customers of the quality of their products as well as their benevolent initiatives.

12. Place

Place is about creating an emotion that people feel for the company. Patagonia does this through their sustainability efforts.

13. Personalization

Personalization is all about the customer. Patagonia calls on their customers to reuse, repair and donate their old items. This is a great personal touch to their brand.

14. People Like Us

Do people like us do something like that? Patagonia attracts partners and customers who share their passion for quality products and protecting the envirnment. 


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