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Patagonia Assignment

1. Positioning- Patagonia has positioned themselves as natural and earthy, which makes them the number one brand for outdoorsy people, or people who want to look like they're outdoorsy.

2. Price- Their prices are high, but that is because they are a high-end brand. They have branded themselves in such a way that people want to pay the extra money to be able wear patagonia products.

3. Placement- Patagonia knows that their placement needs to be in the right spot, as Seth says. Since they are an eco-friendly and giving company, they need to be around other sustainable stores and corporations.

4. Promotion- Patagonia gives background to all of its products. They want people to feel a personal connection with what they're buying, so they stress the fact that their company gives back and helps the community. Their down-to-earth and natural marketing campaigns gives puts them higher than other clothing brands.

5. Permission- Patagonia gets permission to talk to consumers and receive feedback, but they also talk to the right people. They converse with activists and and environmentalists to see how they can better the community.

6. Purple- Patagonia has done a great job differentiating itself from other companies. They've created meaning and tell a story behind their products, and that helped them reach such a high-standing in their field. 

7. Publicity- Patagonia does not use publicity in the traditional sense. They don't need to air commercials 24/7 or take out advertising. They're a household name, and that does most of the work for them. That and strategic, creative campaigns helps them produce revenue. 

8. PR- Patagonia uses storytelling for their PR campaign. They stress their relationship with eco-friendly initiatives, and also focus on stories where people use their products. These are usually inspiring, and make people want to get up and be active like the people in the ads.

9. Placebo- Patagonia has created such a unique brand that people believe it will last forever, and that they're supporting the environment when the buy the products.

10. Pavlov- Patagonia has done a great job with association. Their brand is associated with eco-friendly, well-made, active clothing. It's the first thing people think of when they hear patagonia.

11. Persistence- Patagonia is extremely persistant in stressing the kind of company they are. They will always be eco-friendly and be considered to be the most "high-end" outdoor brand out there. It is because of their constant marketing plan that this is the case.

12. Place- Patagonia sets up their stores to support their brand. They are all outdoorsy, often with pictures of people doing outdoor activites. When someone walks in, the environment makes them want to be active, and in turn, buy Patagonia merchandise.

13. Personalization- Patagonia personalizes their campaign strategy. They are active in the community, and draw their customers in to become part of the campaign. Their Common Threads partnership is an example of this. They want the consumer to be actively involved in helping those in need, and feel good about themselves in return. This helps costumers associate positive feelings with the brand.

14. Patagonia is able to attract many different kinds of people. They have outdoorsy people who actually use the items to hike and such, and they also have people who wear their items just to look cool. They make it so everyone can wear the product and be comfortable doing some. Wearing Patagonia has become the norm in many communities. 


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