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Patagonia Assignment

1. Positioning- They position themselves in a unique way as a natural, eco friendly and quality product brand.

2. Price- Patagonia has high prices because it is viewed as a quality brand and tells a story about people you can relate to. 

3. Placement- Patagonia has close proximity to the people it is targeting. By aligning its self with eco-friendly projects Patagonia is targeting people who have an interest in eco-friendly projects. 

4. Promotion- Patagonia tells the story of helping to change the world. This resinates with a certain group of people who then feel a connection with the brand. 

5. Permission- Patagonia does a great job of getting permission from consumers to communicate with them. By being involved in causes they trust the brand and want to hear them. 

6. Purple- Patagonia is worth talking about because the brand is different than its competitors. The brand has purpose and social responsibility that is visible to consumers. There is emotion associated with the Patagonia brand that is not present with its competitors. 

7. Publicity- By being a different type of brand Patagonia is able to attract media attention that positively promotes them and makes them stand out against competitors. Publicity gets people interested and spreads awareness of the brand. 

8. PR- The story of Patagonia is its relationship with eco-friendly and sustainable causes. Patagonia allows that story to be heard by consumers and it is part of what keeps their brand alive. 

9. Placebo- Because Patagonia cares about being eco-friendly people think the clothes are made responsibly and in turn want to buy them because of that. 

10. Pavlov- Patagonia has trained consumers to expect great products. With any act Patagonia does, consumers respond with the expectation of something great. 

11. Persistence- Patagonia is consistent and frequent in showing what kind of company they are. They are always involved in different causes and prove to the consumers that they are an eco-friendly company. 

12. Place- The stores that Patagonia has are usually fairly unchanged from its original look. They have a natural and outdoor feel. 

13. Personalization- Patagonia tailors their actions as a company to the type of consumers they have. They want to attract consumers that want to buy outdoor gear. Supporting causes that their consumers are interested in personalizes the brand to those consumers and makes them shop there. 

14. People like us- Patagonia attracts consumers because people want to buy things that others have. People like to buy things they other people like them have. 


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