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Patagonia Assignment - Andrew Lydecker


            Patagonia uses positioning in the first image of the man rock climbing. Patagonia considers itself an outdoor brand and they have used this image to show their brand in use. They advertise waterproof and breathable protection for what ever your adventures may bring. 


            Patagonia is a top brand and does not have to worry about competitively pricing their items. They have made a name for themselves and they base their price on the perceived value, not the actual cost. For Patagonia this price is high, having jackets range from $150 to $300.


            Placement is used by Patagonia to specialize their stores. They have stores all over the country, hot and cold climates. Patagonia has surf shops in California, which carries t-shirts and tank tops. While in Colorado, Patagonia carries jackets and coats. Placement is key; you have to know whom you are selling to and what they need.


            Patagonia has lifetime warranties on most of their products, ensuring that they are well made. If this is true, people will talk about how long their jacket has lasted and how nice it is. This is a long-term method that will eventually cause a placebo affect that will bring many customers. 


            Once you buy a Patagonia product, they ask for your permission to take your email address for updates and special offers.


            Patagonia has depicted their story as an outdoor clothing brand that will last a lifetime. They use eco friendly materials to differentiate from other companies.


            Patagonia never stops trying to sell their story. One you buy an item, they bombard you with email stating special offers and coupons. They use your email to constantly remind you of Patagonia. 


            The Patagonia stores bring out emotion and memories. There are pictures all over the wall of people playing sports and playing games to remind you of a memory or emotional connection to a product.


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