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Patagonia 14 "P Words"


-Patagonia does a great job of marketing its products in the right places. Much of their advertising is on the computer. We rarely see Patagonia advertising on TV. Therefore, by seeing an ad on the computer, we are more willing to order such a product rather than calling some sort of number on the TV.  


-Yes, Patagonia is expensive when it comes to some items, but LOYAL customers are willing to pay this price. This company will make it known that they are using high quality and durable material, so there is a reason to charge higher-than-normal prices for products.


-It is going to cost money to keep something on a shelf whether it be in a store or online. Patagonia utilizes both an online as well as a store marketplace in order to make the most of their products.


-Four key words that Patagonia markets are reduce, repair, reuse, and recycle. They want to promote this sort of “green” lifestyle that is starting to catch on today’s society and hopefully make an impact while doing so.


-Patagonia is only going to reach out to somebody who is interested in its product. It is not worth the company’s time to try to force a customer based relationship. It looks to trade your attention so that overtime, Patagonia can talk to you.


-Every company can have a story that thinks it can out-do another company. However, after clicking on the first link under “Inside Patagonia” on the website, it directs our attention to environmental and social responsibility. Some links that come up include “Vote the Environment”, “Corporate Responsibility,” and “The Footprint chronicles: our supply chain.” Patagonia wants to make people aware about what they care about other than making a profit.


-Patagonia makes its brand known through website marketing as through one of the simplest ways: having its customers wear the product. Elon students, including me, own Patagonia fleeces, jackets, vests, etc. By using this type of publicity, one person will see another wearing Patagonia outerwear and buy the product.  

PR (Public relations)

-It is the act of telling the story. Patagonia puts their story into the world with the anticipation of customers resonating with the story and being drawn into the company and its products.


-When you wear something expensive, you are going to assume that it works well and looks good. This is the case for Patagonia products, especially for the fleeces. When you wear one of the fleeces and pay upwards of $100, you going to have the mindset that it WILL keep you warmer than other products. Another example is the leashless jacket that is waterproof and breathable. Yes it may be waterproof, but you will assume that it is breathable as well. It is too hard to measure breathability, so it would be best to trust Patagonia’s product description.


-This word is all about reinforcing associations. For example, if we see somebody rocking climbing (as seen in the PDF ad), we are going to assume that he is wearing a Patagonia jacket and shoes. When we continue this making these associations, it will become second nature and we will not think twice about it.


-I would not necessarily call Patagonia persistent in marketing their products, but they are effective in their own special way. They are very subtle in how they market to their customers, but their branding is so simple and effective that no one is going question what it is. I feel the customers are drawn into this market after buying their first product, which is why Patagonia is so successful.


-Real estate creates value on top of the service already being offered. I’ve never personally been inside a Patagonia store, but I am sure all stores have the same generally size, shapes, smell, and overall appearance. This is necessary because consistency will create a sense of comfortableness in the customer.


-Patagonia is strong in the sense that they can personally market to a very wide range of people. For example, on this PDF, we see a market for both men’s and women’s jackets. It is important to expand diversity when considering gender-based clothing as well as included a large collection of different products. On the website, Patagonia sells things from shoes and shirts to wet suits and backpacks.

People like us

-Just like any brand or marketplace, only specific demographics are going to buy a product. Therefore, people who have always bought Patagonia and fit the lifestyle the Patagonia markets are to going continue buying the products that it has to offer.


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