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Pat Sloan, the Voice of Quilting

Pat Sloan is a designer, passionate quilter, story teller and cheerleader to quilters everywhere. I am dedicated to creating cheerful, fun fabrics and quilt designs that will make you happy everytime you use them. I also trave to meet quilters and teach workshops in a relaxed fun style. And weekly I produce and host a lively radio/podcast where I interview other designers in the wonderful world of quiltmaking!

Marketing Goal - to reach as many quilters as possible to share my designs, workshops, and radio show.

My Back Story

From sketching out oodles of Barbie doll clothing as a kid, to working as a software engineer for 20 yrs.. to leaping off the very tall building 14 years ago to do my Creative business fulll time with my husband, I've always taken a bit of a risk.  I'm not afraid to try it to make my dreams happen. And often try without a net. I went from a software project manager that NEVER did a budget (yes really) to running my own 2 person company for 14 yrs... no business training.. no biz plan.. loving that I made my dream of owning my own company happen.

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In my two person company I am the 'Creative'.  I design, build all the content, do all the marketing, producing, teaching, and social media. In addition to my retail customer and distributors, I have some B2B clients. Plus I host two very large and active FB groups and  have a forum, newsletter, blog... etc... etc.. if it's social I'm there in some way (oh how I love Instagram!). 

We travel to towns across the country so I can teach workshops to people where they live.

I also produce and host a weekly radio/podcast sponsored by the largest magazine in our industry.

What I'm looking for in my Marketing Plan

I am always looking to learn from experts on how to do the parts of this job that I never did before. I have some very excellent partners in the industry and I want to move my marketing to the next level without having to hire someone.


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