Pastel Planner

Pastel Planner - student project

Hello, here's my finished digital planner This project took me around 4~5 hours because it was my first time using Publisher and I was still getting used to it :)

I've been using GoodNotes for about a month now and I've been making covers for it using Procreate. I recently bought Affinity Suite and since I love bullet journaling, this seemed like the perfect project to test out my new software!

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out except for the drop shadows for the tabs, I didn't notice how dark they were when I was editing so I was pretty bummed that they're not how I thought they would look like when I was editing. It's not that big of a deal though and it's definitely a great learning experience!

Home & Cover PagePastel Planner - image 1 - student project

Pastel Planner - image 2 - student project

2020-2021 Calendars

Pastel Planner - image 3 - student project

Goals & Vision Board

- the inner lines were supposed to be in the same shade of pink as the titles but it wouldn't change for some reason so I just left it as is

Pastel Planner - image 4 - student project

Daily Page

Pastel Planner - image 5 - student project

Weekly Spread
Pastel Planner - image 6 - student project

Monthly Spread

- forgot to add the dates lol too lazy to fix it

Pastel Planner - image 7 - student project