Pastel Flowers | Skillshare Projects

Pastel Flowers

Phew! This was my first ever Skillshare class and it was a real challenge. Having no prior design experience, I struggled a lot with Illustrator and my newly acquired tablet. My tablet doesn't have a steep learning curve like Illustrator does, but I realized that it was really difficult to get clean lines with it, and it really doesn't help that I'm awful at drawing...

That said, I learned a whole lot! I had to google all the things and I clicked on many things, but I guess that's how you learn. Do the clicky and googley. Many thanks to Elizabeth for sharing her knowledge and for all the inspiration as well. 

Colour palettes from Coolors:



Final digitized 'doodles':


Final pattern



I wish I knew how to create mockups, haha. 



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