Pasta la Vista

Pasta la Vista - student project

Pasta la Vista - image 1 - student project

Update! Additional Coordinate created: After Shannon´s great suggestion I created my very first tossed repeat pattern in PS using my different Pasta shapes! To give credit, I did this with the help of Charnelle Barlow´s class "Ordered chaos" that shows how to create a grid and pattern in PS. I see some points where I could work more on this repeat (the same neighbouring Fusilli e.g.) but for the moment it´s OK with me. Moving forward I will train the different steps in PS and refine my pattern creating abilities ;0). That said I want to learn Ai now, in the not so far future!

Thanks, Shannon, for a very inspiring class and for pushing me a step further!

Pasta la Vista - image 2 - student projectThis was a project I had worked on and it was nice to hear and see Shannon´s advice on the coordinates since I had only a vague idea about those. This is the first time I tried this. It is drawn on paper, scanned and then I digitally worked on them in Photoshop. As Shannon has demonstrated her working process in Illustrator I have the impression that this programme comes in very handy for creating patterns. Thanks for stopping by!