Past, Present, Future Reading

Past, Present, Future Reading - student project

Past-6 of Pentacles in Reverse 

From what I have learned, 6 of pentacles reversed indicates that I have been over giving in the past. I haven't been taking time to care for myself and instead have been caring too much about other people's needs.  I also see this energy coming from the relationship that I just broke off. There was a significant unbalance of love and giving between myself and my old partner. However, I felt like he was the one giving more and I was not reciprocating. I see how this card could reflect parts of his energy as well. 

Present-The Star in Reverse

The star in reverse represents feeling a loss of hope and faith in the universe. I am going through challenges right now dealing with a break-up as well as being in isolation in quarantine. The star in reverse represents these challenges and also reminds me to take space for meditation and self care in order to move through this difficult time. 


Future-4 of Cups 

The 4 of cups shows 3 cups poring into a larger cup in my deck. I did not know exactly how to interpret this at first, however it seems this card warns me to not shut myself off to new opportunities because I feel beaten down by the challenges I am going through. I think that this card is ultimately telling me to be aware of the opportunities being sent my way, and make sure to not get stuck in the daily routine. I also think that it is reminding me to stay grateful for what I have even though I am going through a challenging time.