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    1. Step 1: Selecting Your Text 

      ¨Andy, the Night-watch¨ from Edgar Lee Master´s  Spoon River Anthology.

    2. Step 2: Drafting Your Screenplay

    3. Step 3: Writing Your Logline

      While desperately searching for his missing sister in Cuchario´s red light district, Mohamad encounters a former sex slave who triggers memories of his past.

  • PREMISE: ¨Anyone by his nature [that] has no state is either too bad or too good, either subhuman or superhuman-he is like the war-mad man condemned in Homer’s words as ‘having no family, no law, no home,’he is a non-cooperator like an isolated piece in a game of draughts.” ( Aristotle, Politics, I.ii 12-24)
  • GENRE: Neo-noir, neo-realism, Mystery-drama.
  • THEMES: Migration, exile, Post-Traumatic Stress Disease (PTSD), black market Sex trade/work, European Immigration Policy.

In this adaptation of Andy, the Night-watch from Edgar Lee Master´s Anthology, Spoon River is Cuchario: a modern-day, impoverished and migrant port town on the southern Spanish coast, just off the Straits of Gibraltar-a mere 15 km of sea separates the town from North Africa.


Andy, in turn, is Mohamad, a homeless, penniless drunk and night-watch: every night, he searches the streets of Cuchario´s seedy Red Light District in hope of finding his missing sister, Laila-both  refugees in Spain. He encounters Sushma, a fiery older woman: She triggers vital memories of his past and reveals news of his sister that alters his miscreant fate.


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