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I make silly pictures.



Passport picture


My name is Rebecca, I'm an illustrator from Italy. I first decided to take this class bacuse I've always been fascinated by brush-inking, the use of ink wash and such, but never actually been brave enough to try (except for some stuff during my illustration course). I did use ink a lot in my illustrations, but I only used ink pens since they were easier to control and the result was clean and sharp.

What really made me change my mind was reading "Blankets" by Craig Thompson. I totally fell in love with it and wanted to try the freedom of brush inking. With this class project what I really wanted was to reach a more "natural" feel to my lines, while still keeping my own illustration style.

I tried nibs and pens before so I only focused on getting comfortable with the brush. I made a series of exercises (lines, hatching, a bit of calligrapy) which are really not worth sharing :D but they were really helpful to become at ease with the medium.

This is the unedited scan. At one point the brush fell out of my hand, hence the two black spots...

I then cleaned the lineart using levels and clone stamp to get rid of the black spots. Here are a few close-ups

I used diluited ink to make a small texture around the eyes and some details on the bones.

I then used digital watercolors to fihi the illustration.

Aaand here's the result! I tried to give it somewaht of a "pop" feeling, something that would really stand out.

I know it probably drifts a bit from the class goal since this is more of a general illustration than an ink illustration... I'm sorry :D

Last but not least I'd like to thank Ms. Shimizu, I really enjoyed the class and her way of teaching :)


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