Passport Maps - Custom Maps of People's Vacations



I started a business called Passport Maps where I create custom maps of people's vacations. They take a trip and I try to capture their memories of the journey by making a beautiful map of the trip. I then add in their pictures and create a custom legend which shows the spots they enjoyed and a brief snippet of why it was so special. I have 2 versions. A Classic Passport Map is online and uses pre-designed basemaps. The user adds pictures and a custom title. The second is where I add in a route line and a custom legend and create a custom basemap. The final product for both is a 13x19 full color print shipped off, ready for framing.

11 Questions:

• What is Marketing for?

I see marketing as a way to educate people as to what my product is. Most don't even realize this is possible.

• What are we allowed to touch?

Its just me, so I can change anything as I see fit.

• What can we measure?

Everything is web based, so I believe I can measure traffic, clicks, conversions, orders, customer issues.

• What can we change?

I want people to celebrate their travels. Travel transforms us and serve as milestones in our lives. I want people to commemorate their trips and share their adventures and have a memory of a wonderful time in their lives.

• What should we promise? (to our people and to our customers)

I promise to never abuse their trust and provide them with a personal piece of art that makes them happy. 

• What is the hard part?

Educating my customers that this can be done and its not that hard to do.

• Should we make trends or follow them?

I am making a trend here - personalized travel art. I've yet to see anyone else doing this. 

• Where is the risk?

The risk is that people won't want this product or won't invest the time to create one or won't want it for the price I need to charge in order to make it.

• Who is in charge here?

Ultimately, me. But I will give the customer what they want.

• What is the money for?

Invest in technology that can streamline the process, market more to get the word out.

• What’s the most important way to spend my time?

I have the business part and website now. I think the best use of time is educating people on my product and getting them to envision how cool it would be to have one of these hanging proudly in their home.


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