Lisa Young

Author, musician, performing artist, wife and mom.



Passionate music for the intelligentsia


The typical fan of Lisa Robbin Young is smart. She's got a college degree, and she's married to a guy she adores - even when he drivers her nuts from time to time. She still lives close to her Alma Mater and is just as comfortable cheering her son's soccer team as she is having a beer at Michigan Stadium with her hubby.

She enjoys arts and culture - and she lives in Ann Arbor, so that makes sense. Her tastes are as ecclectic as her community, from opera and gallery shows to equestrian events and hockey games. She gets along with a diverse group of social friends. She doesn't mind telling people she's 28, when she's really 35 (and doesn't look a day over 30). She rides horses, and has enough disposable income to finally pursue her passions, now that she's got some stability under her feet.

She's part of the intelligentsia - an art teacher who once dreamed of making a living selling her sculptures. She's just now getting back into pursuing her passions, and she's become an entrepreneur to see just how far she can take this dream.

She enjoys Jazz vocalists with passion and soul. There's something delicious about a person that can take an old song and make it new again. And they lyrics were so much deeper back in the day. So much of new music is repetetive and dull compared to the complex melodies and lyrics of artists like Judy Garland. In fact, one of her favorite songs is "The Man That Got Away" from Judy's classic film "A Star Is Born" and no remake of that movie will ever do it justice. That song had heart, passion, and music that made you feel something.

She frequents small clubs in her area (there are a lot of them) and enjoys supporting local talent -not just because they're local, but because they've got talent that the world needs to hear. She enjoys being part of something greater than herself, and halping to launch other artist-entrepreneurs into the world is just her style.


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