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Passion on the rails

Since 5 years I moved from my homeland Peru to the homeland of my wife.
There I was touched immediately about the big passion that my father in law carry for his trains
It’s even more then a passion that transformed his garden in a real train world
I have a big respect for Lucien and I thought he must be the perfect man for my first video portrait.
He is my MUSE :)
He enjoyed to tell us about his passion and while making the portrait even my wife was surprised about his words and beautiful thoughts.
Creating and imagining are priceless.
Lucien his passion will move other souls I guess

on You Tube  
on Vimeo

I was very curious to participate in this class as I'm thinking since some years to make portraits of Peruvian natives, indians in my homeland and there daily activities. I see lots of options to do something with and after this experience I guess it's a small step to do so.

Beside my (absolutely non-creative) daily job I'm busy with photography and video but rather as a autodidact.
Love to search my way in it, to explore tutorials about all kind of related subjects linked with video or photography. Thanks to Kathy, my wife, I discovered Skillshare, as she participated in another course earlier and convinced me to participate ;)
My everlasting motivator, discover more of her work on

A year ago I tried this portrait :
And more videos I made you can find on this Youtube-channel :
or on my VIMEO-channel :

Thank you so much for every feedback! Let's learn so much from each other!


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