Passion for Creation

Passion for Creation - student project

Hi, my name is Laura and I am a German living in Colombia, exploring the medicine of movement. I create inspirational content about my ex-pat lifestyle, travelling the world (I travelled 44 countries) and I tell stories through movement and dance.

FOCUS: first, I focused on making short-form content for Instagram but realized soon that I want to make more long-form content that is relevant for more than 1-2 days - so I am now focusing on YouTube.

This is my latest YT video:

I am also a passionate writer and always publish a blog article with my videos on my blog

GOALS: my goal is to create a community and connect with humans all over the world, as well as being able to eventually live from being a creator. More specific, I want to get monetized on YT, get my first brand deal and a loyal following of minimum 500 people this year. 

CAUSE: Living in Colombia, the larger cause I am working towards is helping a local non-profit organisation to bring education to Colombian kids, support local farmers and bring traditional healing into the Western world.

Thank you Lilly for this great motivational class, I love your work! I would be happy to connect to other creators and get some collabs going! 

Much love from Colombia

Laura Blu Sandía
Movement is my Medicine