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Passion and emotions personified in color

Hello all.

My name is Gabe and I'm a gamer. Have been since I was very young. I wouldn't be surprised if my mother told me I learned to hold a NES remote before I learned to potty train. Yes. That's how young I started (and in restrospect how old I am :( ) So when I signed up for this class and realized that the class project would be illustrating emotions through color I knew right away that my project would be video game based. Anyone here who's invested as much time into video games as I have knows that like great works of literature or film, video games can be very engaging. Simple button inputs you make can decide the fate of nations or make the difference between life or death. 

So for my project I've chosen 4 titles that stood out the most out of a long library of games that I've played over the years. They are as follows. 

I came up with these titles after using the mind map excercise showcased in the 4th video in section 1. Sadly I don't have a scanner ( I know what century do I live in) but I did take a few shots on my phone that I can share with you guys. 

I will share my creative process with you guys as the project develops and would love feedback as more material becomes available. 

Looking forward to creating great work with you all. 


This is just one idea I'm working on and I'm currently mind mapping another. 

Also I think I should mention how I'm going to illustrate emotions via this video game concept. I'm going illustrate a speciffic aspect of the game and tie it to an emotion that corresponds to it. They are as follows:

Finaly Fantasy 7 - Sadness

Dead Space - Terror

Shadow of the Colossus - Love

Mario Kart - Hope

Update - 

I haven't given up on this project I've just been very busy trying to get work and interviewing and working on portfolio etc. I did change the nature of the project though. I'm no longer focusing on video games and those emotions. 

I've transitioned the project into my passion for photography and the different practices that fall under it. 

Here are the practices I'm focusing on and the accompanying emotions. 

Wildlife - Wonder (Astonishment)


Fashion - Confidence

Landscape - Calm

Wedding - Love

Here are some images of me sketching and trying to think of ways to visualize these emotions. I'd really like to try and illustrate the images but I've never really illustrated anything in my life. So there in lies the challenge. 

I will update with the colors for the emotions tomorrow after I finish the one for confidence.

One piece of inspiration I found that really caugh my eye is this.

I found the illustrations to be very charming. I might to go for a similar style. I might show my results. Depends on how comfortable I feel lol. 


Here are my color palettes for my 4 emotions. 





Any feedback/suggetions would be greatly appreciated. 


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