Passion, Theme, Flaw and Premise


Passion: I would like to write this story because I have dealt with several codependent relationships due to my own lack of self-confidence and would love to help my protagonist do the same.

Them: Readers should learn that there are ways to improve their self-confidence and therefore also remove themselves from destructive relationships or vice versa.

Flaw: Laura must intertwine building her self-confidence with removing the destructive relationship as one will help the other. Not only will it help Laura but as time goes by, it will help Kelly who is the alcoholic.

Premise: What if Laura encounters a major breach of trust by Kelly, such as Kelly steals something of great value from Laura and she has no choice but to face her lack of self-confidence and begin to improve it through not only, not saving Kelly from her next alcohol related incident but also talking it out with the rest of the family and letting them know that she has dreams too.