Passion Inside Music Festivals

Passion Inside Music Festivals - student project

Music Festivals always have a unique place in society. It gathers people from around the world with the passion for one thing, MUSIC. As music grows so do the Music festivals and its fans. Passion found deep in someone that is let out at concerts is what I strive to film. To be the fly in the wall and record every single influence it has on the crowd and the world like the man with only one arm still enjoying the concert in one of the shots where everyone jumps together in the video to the girl with her light dress dancing by herself lost in the music. With no professional camera or laptop because I can't afford it ha I filmed it on my iPhone 6+ and edited on the iMovie app for iPhone as seen on the picture above. I know this isn't professional grade since i just had my iPhone and my hand while trying to enjoy the concert, but i thought i'd share my passion. Feel free to give tips.

Here is the same concert and some of the same footage different song and extended video also edited on my phone. Took me the whole week to make these.