Passion - Consistency - Self Love

Passion - Consistency - Self Love - student project

This was such a great class Nadia and the perfect way to head into 2021, I loved it!  I broke out all the supplies for this one, acrylic markers, gold foil pen, scissors that cut different borders and a stack of Calm magazines.  I had some 16 x 20" canvases but I didn't think they'd be big enough so I opted for the one 24 x 36" canvas I've been saving and it worked like a charm.

 It snowed here for 2 days straight so needless to say I dug in and spent a couple of days working on this (painted the canvas black too).  My intention for this coming year is to be consistent by adding more structure to my life, but I really want to find the adventure and passion also...all while staying open to receive.  Big plans and dreams on the horizon, thanks Nadia for a wonderful class to kick off the year!

Passion - Consistency - Self Love - image 1 - student project


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