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Pashadelic: Find the Best location to take photographs in the world

Pashadelic is the best crowd sourced ‘photo spot’ community to discover locations to take permanent landscape photography. Our initial target is DSLR uers about 70 million users in the world. The next stage will be travellers, more than 80% of them take photos.

One minute introduction video on youtube

★★ What can pashadelic solve your problems? ★★
All photos have geolocation information. You can find and go to the exact place where you want to take beautiful photography. Location is one of the most important factors to take amazing photography. We believe sharing these locations will improve your life of photography. Photography lovers get together and share their favorite spots to take awesome photos.

✈✈ Example of Solution 1:Photography of Domestic Popular landmarks ✈✈
Do you know where is the best place to take Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco? Travelers may say “from Vista Point” Photographers may say “Marine Headlands” and local may say “Baker Beach”. Also you may want to know which season and what time is the best timing to shoot these popular landmarks. 

✈✈ Example of Solution 2:Photography of Foreign Popular landmarks ✈✈
Do you travel abroad? Say you are going to Paris in France. Don’t you want to know where is the best place to take Eiffel Tower? Don’t you want to know where are the popular locations to take photograph in the city?

✈✈ Trip Abroad with Pashadelic ✈✈
You are spending your important time and money while you are traveling domestically and internationally. If you know where you should take photos in advance, your travel will be more fun and efficient.


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