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Pasadena Teen Book Fest

I'm part of a grassroots collective called Bridge to Books, and we put together events in the Los Angeles area that aim to bring young people closer to books and reading. This April in partnership with Pasadena Public Library we will be hosting 20+ young adult and middle grade authors at the Pasadena Teen Book Fest. I chose this phrase (with the year in various positions) for my project because, well, I need to come up with all of the marketing assets as soon as humanly possible. 

I slapped a logo together with Photoshop a few weeks ago--just text and some lines and boxes--just so I could get our social media pages started and not have some random placeholder image on them. I wasn't very happy with it. Then I remembered that I'd signed up for this class--that was step one of the process, haha :)

I wanted to use roses somewhere, as they are iconic to the city, but I didn't want some kitschy clip art roses. I thought about hearts (we are book-lovers, and our audience is overwhelmingly female). I thought about skulls, since a lot of my favorite YA books deal with death, danger, and memento mori.

I thought about the giant praying mantis creatures in our keynote speaker's new novel, Grasshopper Jungle--not just because they're awesome but also because I don't want the marketing to skew too far to the feminine. I read through the list of authors and titles for about the 200th time. I zoomed in on Amy Spalding's book title--Ink Is Thicker than Water... the tattoo theme finally clicked, and I berated myself for taking so long to put the clues together.

I grabbed some images for my mood board, and I have done one pencil/ink drawing, but I want to go back to brainstorming and make sure I didn't miss any great ideas.

Here's my mood board:

Here's the sketch:

 Here's the inked version:

I realize I'm going backwards a bit, but I didn't want to just stop while I was inspired. 


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