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"Party is on" is a platform based on 2 apps and 1 web portal for 3 kind of customers:

1) Party people (prospective attendants): to find the relevant parties for you, around you, and to know the type of parties people possibly partying with you like most

2) Party organizers (clubs or private parties): to promote your parties to the right people and learn about them, and easly manage the lists

3) Party promoters: to increase your reach and better serve your costumers

The first step would be to build the interface of the # 1) app and create the categories to be attached to the parties and the people attending.

To populate the list of parties, the 2nd step would be to centrally list the main clubs and their respective parties, invite some tester users, and give them the possibility to "tag" their-selves and the parties with the suggested categories or new ones, and run some surveys to validate.

The 3rd step would be to invite some party organizers (clubs, prospective clients) to present them the prototype of the People app and ask them how we could help them make more money and let their customers have more fun. Suggestions are:

a. target specific music types or dresscode styles on different dates for the different clubs participating in the same city

b. Automate the pre-sales processing and listing of people, the management of the PR staff without the need to meet them and retrieve the pre-sale tickets, flyers etc.

c. Learn the abits of their customers, what parties do they attend, what's their style or preferred music/DJs etc.

d. Get access to customers' generated content inside their club during their listed/sponsored parties (pics, but also comments, ratings)


This is the first time I am serious about starting a project (by serious I mean that it will have to sustain me economically). Since I left my job however, I haven't yet started off for real, because I always think I miss something. The most important is a partner, a developer partner.
I then thought I couldn't find one if I couldn't speak his language, or know what to search/ask for, or how to validate him and his work.... so I started studying... then the study is widening (there are so many subjects in Computer Science, and I didn't study any of that)... so will I ever be ready?!?

I think I must be more self-confident and just go out and ask...


I'd go to people I know and ask if they have something they want to sell but don't know how, to who, or where to sell it. I'd take some pictures of the object, do the same for everyone, and email everyone in the network the list of objects. People are free to then contact the participants to privately buy the objects. After there is a visible network of people (audience, who are both sellers and buyers), I would ask to pay a very small charge to list something you want to sell. With that money I would only try to get more audience (not only sellers) so that there is more buyers than sellers.


Subject: The chapter-a-day book about being a Management Engineer

Hi friends,

I decided I wanted to write about my recent story, and do that in a new way.

I will post a chapter on my site each day during my trip around Sicily. It could be a part of a wider story, or my thoughts about a specific argument, or something I build on your comments of the previous posts, but it will eventually build a single storyline about the topic of being a Management Engineer in our days.

Why would that be relevant to you?

It will give you my view about our position in society, what is the best job you can do, what can we do best that others can't, what our parents don't understand (not their fault).

I will tell you many anecdots about my recent experience at BCG.

It will be fun and interactive.

It is a fast but good read to start or end your week-day, it helps waking up your brain or falling asleep.

This will also be a validation test for a business idea, which is a new format for books. Being the first to try it will make you save money and help me understanding the needs of people like you.


This first edition will be a total of 20 chapters, one for each and every working week day.

The idea is to make it 1€ a day, so that this format will entertain participants for a month for 20€ total.

If you are up with me now, you will only pay 10€ total, and you will have the same 50% discount on every future book, even when they will incorporate other experiences than just text (are you starting to figure out what the idea is really about?! ;D).

So please, join me before July 30th on and pre-order the ebook for as low as 10€!

PS: you could even buy single chapters, if there is a specific topic you will find, and it will be 1€ each

Keep in touch! 



I found my friend Fabio, friend since we were kids who used to live near to me, and I convinced him to "hire" me for free to build a website for his business (organize music parties and make t-shirts and foulards). I don't know how to do it but I want to learn it, and he knows I am capable. If I will succeed we will then add a store to the website to sell new original items and I will be a partner in the company.

The problem I see here is: how much time will I spend doing this? Am I really incetivized??

PART 6: URL of CraigsList Gig I can work for:


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