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Dianna Chrysler

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Partnership Crest

Hey guys!

I had a lot of fun with this project and it evolved a lot over the course of a couple of days, but I'm happy with where it's ended up!

I started out trying to do research about my family, but I think that's something I'll have to sit down and talk with my mother about later, which I'm not really ready to do right now. So I decided to make a crest for my partner and I, because we've sort of become our own tiny family unit.


I started out playing around with laurel for a while, which was really important for my crest because my partner is Greek, and laurel is a huge symbol in Greek history and culture. I also started doing some lemon vectors, because he and I both love lemon (like, an unreasonable amount) and it's big in Greek cooking, which we're trying to do a lot more of these days.


I played around with different effects on banners, which I created very much the same way Aaron did. I didn't really want to do a typical heraldic shield, and I did a quicj vector of a circular Greek shield, but then I decided to go with Greek pottery, which turned out a lot better than I thought it would. And we both love pizza, so I made a quick slice :)

Putting it all together, the crest looked a little busy and crowded for my taste, so I decided to go back and try some other things before calling it "done." I'm super glad I did because I think it ended up more interesting.


I wanted to try some different central shapes and I had this idea to have the flags of our respective heritages as part of the banner, and I really like how that turned out.


I did some more playing with fonts, but ended up going back to the one I had used originally, Muro. I played more with central "shield" shapes and did a quick vector of a computer mouse. The mouse symbolizes both his passion for coding and computer programming and my work as a graphic artist who works on the computer for a lot of my process.


I played around with some of the different lemon vectors I did up, and substituted a different shape for the pot. I also played around with having everything outlined vs. fewer outlines, and I knew I was prettty close at this point.


I added a Bernie Sanders graphic that I recreated, which both represents that our values are very aligned and our deep interest and investment in current events and politics, but when I converted the image to greyscale, I was almost overwhelmed with how busy the image looked. 


I went back and substituted the Greek pot from before, and took out the Bernie logomark. I replaced it with the Golden Spiral, which represents my partner's love and apititude in mathematics and my appreciation for art history and composition. I think removing the pot's outline that had been present with the last iteration helped a lot, and I'm very happy with the way things are balanced and the mix of outlines, colors, and shapes.





I'm fairly happy with the way the design looks on a tshirt. I think that the color version probably looks the best printed on white, but I don't hate the way it looks on a vibrant or pastel color. 




I also really like the way the crest translates to smaller items. Of course, I think if I were actually to print this on, say, a coffee cup, I would probably have to change a lot so the details aren't lost. But I think compositionally, the shape is good, and I like the way the pot and the laurel reads.



And here's the final color and black/white images in a larger size!

Thanks for taking a look at my project! Feedback is appreciated if you have any! And thanks so much, Aaron, for the amazing class! It was so great to hear you talk and I really love the way you presented your process. :D


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