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Part 1: 3 ideas for the essay

Would really love some feedback on which story I should expand on. Thank you!

1) A story about how I got a hedgehog, and went to a hedgehog show winning 2nd place. Points: crazy hedgehog ladies, getting bitten by a hedhehog, incredibly annoying children who wanted to hold hedhehogs but kept dropping them (good reaction time on my part!)

2) Crickets in the backpack. A story about how I managed to unleash (on accident of course) a whole bag of crickets right in the middle of a grocery store.

3) Foreigners will be foreigners. A story about my dad visiting US for the first time, and being incredibly surprised that Mongolian Grill did not have any Mongolians in it, Sushi place had no Japanese, and Russian place was filled with... Ukrainians.


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