Parlour Palm

Parlour Palm - student project

What kind of plant is it?  

Chamaedorea Elegans - Parlour Palm Species native to Southern Mexico and Guatemala.


How long have you had it?

I’ve had it since November 2019.


How often do you water it?

I water it every other day with one shot (35ml).


How do you know if it’s healthy?

The stems should be green at the top and browner towards where it meets the soil. The leaves of the plant are a vibrant green and there’s no splitting in the tips of the leaves.


How much light exposure does it get?

It sits on my south facing kitchen windowsill, it gets adequate indirect sunlight until about 1pm, then gets direct sunlight in the afternoon.


I need to re-pot it soon, the pink pot was one I bought at the same time I bought the plant to eventually re-pot into, however it doesn't have any drainage opportunity so I will need to drill a hole in it. 

Any tips for drilling into a ceramic pot?

 Parlour Palm - image 1 - student project