"Parlez-vous français? Be comfortable again to speak French!

I started learning French in my senior year of high school. In college, I chose to continue learning the language by minoring in French. And in the fall of 2007, I found myself ordering des baguette et d'eau in Paris for one semester. 

"Parlez-vous français?" is my personal project that has three goals:

  1. Speak in French for five minutes (min) with at least one person, listen to one French song, and write a sentence in French - tous les jours; 
  2. Respond to letters/e-mails from my francophone friends in French (NO Franglish);
  3. And finally I can look at you in the eyes and say, "oui, je parle français." 

I was lucky enough to have some amazing francophone friends who patiently write and converse with me in French. Though, I am always intimidated to respond in French these days. 

No more excuses now, mademoiselle! 

Here's my tumblr that monitors my progress: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/beautifulshotsdotcom25

Alors, on y va!



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