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Parks and Recreation - The Comeback Kid

Parks and Recreation
Season 4 Episode 11 - The Comeback Kid

2) Tightening up Composition And Refining Concepts

Worked on one of the sketches more and now am going to work on it digitally.

I want the overall look and feel to be colorful, cute and funny. Basically, I want for people to look at it and smile (especially if they are Parks and Rec fans).

Here are a couple of inspirational images:

Excited to get started!

1) Collecting Data and Sketching

I am so excited about this class because I love TV and illustration. Combining the two? Awesome! I chose Parks and Recreation because it is one of my current favorites and fresher in my mind. 

Quick Episode Details
- Ann becomes Leslie's campaign manager
- Andy and April get Champion, the 3-legged dog
- Ben is unemployed and delves into his hobbies of making Calzones and creating claymation videos
- The team is working on a rally for Leslie's campaign for City Council
- The rally ends up falling apart
- Ben becomes Leslie's new campaign manager

Funny Moments
- Tom showing his shoe with red carpet in it
- Tom, Ron, April, Andy and Champion squished into the truck and get pulled over
- Lesley tries to breakdance
- Pistol Pete tries to dunk but slips on the ice
- The red carpet Tom orders is too short and they end up slipping on the ice rink to get to Leslie's podium
- The stage is too small and the banner only shows Leslie's eyes
- Ben and his claymation figurine

Scene for Poster
- Everyone is slipping and strugging on the ice rink to get Leslie up to the podium.

I chose this scene because it is one of those great physical comedy moments and completely represents the whole campaign process Leslie is going through. Leslie with her bright smile trying to make the best of a ridiculous situation and her whole team trying their best to support and help her. Sometimes their efforts cause other problems, but they are still a team. 


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