Parks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self

Parks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - student project

Thanks Jake for a fantastic class. I started learning After Effects during lockdown and completing this project defo helped me get to grips with it more. Feedback always appreciated.

I chose Donna and Tom's 'treat yo self' exchange from Parks & Rec because I love the mantra and I thought it'd be fun to animate.

My thought process is below...

-- THE QUOTE -- 

Tom: "Once a year, Donna and I spend a day treating ourselves.

"What do we treat ourselves to?"

Donna: "Clothes [treat yo self.] Fragrances [treat yo self.] Massages [treat yo self.] Mimosas [treat yo self.] Fine leather goods [treat yourself.]

"It's the best day of the year."



The Parks & Rec vibe is office-based mockumentary so I wanted a clean, straight-shooting sans serif font. I found one with a bunch of different weight options called Bebas Neue Pro.

Parks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 1 - student projectParks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 2 - student project

 'Treat Yo Self' had to be something decorative and I wanted a serif typeface to contrast my other choice - I found one I think works well called Abril.

Never in my life have I looked at so many different but similar fonts - I hope what I chose actually work together!


Tom and Donna's vibe is kind of classy and elegant, but mainly just extravagant, wannabe glamorous and a little flashy.

Parks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 3 - student project

I didn't want to go too OTT on the colour palette, so I went for a champagne beige background with gold and blue text.

I also duplicated each layer at the end and changed the blending mode to 'soft light' to brighten it up, though I still think some of the colour has been lost during the export process (tips on how to prevent that?)


After laying my text out, deciding I didn't like it and laying it out again and again for days, I finally settled on this.

Parks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 4 - student projectParks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 5 - student projectParks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 6 - student projectParks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 7 - student projectParks & Rec -- Treat Yo Self - image 8 - student project


This took me an age to animate! I'd come up with an animation, then realise it didn't work with the camera moves I wanted (or just looked rubbish) so I'd have to go back and redo it.

And Tom speaks so fast, I found it difficult to make sure the animations kept up while still being able to read them - let me know how you find it?

I tried to be varied within a pattern/structure and settled on a bunch I think look cool. This defo helped improve my understanding of the transform properties, text animators and the graph editor.


Anyway, for a first run at kinetic typography I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out, but there's defo loads I can improve on. All part of the process!