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Park, sun, spring!

Ok... i did lots of layers... i really liked alle the little details happening after three layers. But now, a few layers later the colors are getting heavy and a bit muddy. How can i get 'the light' back in the painting. I want it to be more sunny. Is it still possible?

Hi everybody

Just finished all the videos and decided to make the word 'park' inspired by spring which is coming :-) and a big sign by buro poppings ( at Amstelpark in Amsterdam where i live.

I want to add some water because it gives nice reflections and it refers to spring and park, and i want to use one of the fonts as seen on the flickr page jeff tells about.

This is my first sketch

I ajusted the sides of the lettres. I don't want to see just the right side. If i show the right side of the P and the left side of the K the word looks much bigger. I want it to be huge, like the sign from buro poppinga.

Now i did something lazy, i made a sketch in photoshop to get the spacing right :-)

Ok off to the art suplies store to get some gesso and extra acrylic colors


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