Park life in Rotterdam

Park life in Rotterdam - student project

The map is for my friends and perhaps a personal blog I'm thinking about starting becaus they live in sometimes far away places and I like to keep track of stuff. The map will be about the parks in my city. It might be the first in a series (may be).

When I moved to Rotterdam almost 3 years ago, some people didn't understand: it's a big city, no historical centre, no Dutch 'gezelligheid' (cosiness) a predominantly working class atmosphere and lots of ugly building. So they thought. Others understood the match. I am bookish and love nature, but I also am fascinated by large cities, their social fabric and sense of space. Because of the space and becaus FINALLY spring is coming, parks seems to be a good topic to start with.

So. I am making this map for the fun of making. Also to show friends nice spots in my city and tell them how I am using them.

I am the expert because after living for two summers in Rotterdam, I have found nice spots and various ways to make use of them.

Target audience are my friends and perhaps later, my blog to be.

Detail at least: street names, name of park, specifities / history and how I have used the park

To be honest, I'm not sure whether I want print or digital. For blog purposes digital is best, but I love to so something else than sitting behind my laptops for more hours after a day in the office. so not decided yet.

Dear classmates, I need your input on how to try out hand made. I'm not an artist, I almost haven't seriously drawn since highschool 20 years ago. But still, I like to doodle and am not too ashamed to share stuff. Just like to know how to tackle drawing,. So I started basic (sorry for bad quality photography, am currently on holidays)

Park life in Rotterdam - image 1 - student project

and ten thinking I could create stickmen that show what the park is best suited for, according to me

like thisPark life in Rotterdam - image 2 - student project

and this

Park life in Rotterdam - image 3 - student project