Park inn by radisson central tallinn Facebook Campaign

Park inn by radisson central tallinn going to have new Hotel rooms, and to introduce them to people

they wanted a Facebook Campaigin. Me and my team decided to create a game , Where people can choose the names for the hotel rooms and at the same time introduce the hotel rooms.

At 29 jan Morning i saw the Video our teacher Jessica Harlee had uploaded and i was so fired up and so Inspired to Get my hand on the paper and start Wireframing. to tell you the truth iv never used wireframing in my design works ... so it was sooo fun i was exited like a little kid. 

So this is where i am now .

iv already started Desiging a little bit and hoping to polish and finnish everything by tomorrow,

and at 4-th feb i hope i can show full result. 


Okei so this is the result of the wireframing. I wan't to  thank J. Harlee for the Guidance .

This is the Beginning. There is 4 languages and before He / she can start playing needs to like it first.


So this is the full game view. Person has to choose a name for 3 different hotel rooms and submit them. Down below are the Awwards . There are 7 different awwards . If person click on the img a modal window pops up . and futher down there 7 winners and not important information button.


In this picutre u can see the Awwards modal window.

Ty for watching.

Any suggestion are welcomed.


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