Parisian Street (finished!!!)

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - student project

hello, everybody! 
Hello, Julia!

I'm very happy to dive in the sea of drawing with perspective... although I will jump clumsily.

here is my few attempt to draw squares, circles and waves.

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 1 - student project

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 2 - student project

the difficulties that I faced were: how wide is the square or the ellipse would be? is it only based your intuition?

for my project, I will draw based on this photo.
it contains two vanishing points.

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 3 - student project

wish me luck! :)


at 23/Apr/2017 I wrote:

I apologize to Julia, I left my drawing and It took me a long time to come back to it...

I don't know... maybe it was difficult to draw it... but I push myself this weekend... I know it's a piece full of mistakes when you compare it with the original photo.

these are the pencil drawing and the inking step:

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 4 - student project

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 5 - student project

now I will start coloring it. 

sorry again for the delaying!

finished and colored at last!!! 
maybe the quality of the photo is low because I am limited by the size of the photo to upload.

Parisian Street (finished!!!) - image 6 - student project