Paris | Skillshare Projects


Ive started off by collecting some images and finding some of the styles of the retro futuristic genre, I created a moodboard with mainly screenshots, and i collected only a couple of the images on Pintrest. 

From these images i started sketching some shapes i found and then merged into sketching bits of Paris. Ive may have never been to paris but found that i actually had a picture of paris that i could sketch from. (through lack of internet) 

I particulaly liked the way that people were illustrated as well as the block colours as i am currently interested in Printing. I decided to develop ideas for Paris invloving the Eiffle Tower as its a significant landmark, and started to think of ways in which it could be turned futurist yet still be french, I came up with ideas of cafe bubbles - people floating through the air while having a crossaint, and hover vespas with bagettes in the front basket. I sketched out some ideas including these but landed on the idea of having the eiffle tower as a rocket launch to the moon, with the romantic idea of Paris most in mind.

I developed some compositions for the final postcard trying to keep the image flat along with the style of the time.       

I decided to do a simple composition alike many of the 50's illustrations and decided roller on paint the parts to get a nice texture and go from there.  

I got a bit stuck from here and ended up painting out another and doodling all over the top then finally finished the Illustration digitally. I took the colours from a couple of the images on my moodboard. 


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